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Spokane Public School School Board retreats to their Zoom Safe Space Wednesday citing "Believers in Medical Freedom" showed up at their meeting and one deplorable attendee brazenly screamed the F-bomb "FREEDOM" and another shouted "Don't Run Away Cowards" which apparently terrified Nikki Lockwood.

People then pushed through the Praetorian Guards arriving at the dais armed with "a lot of different papers" including, wait for it...., PUBLIC RECORDS REQUESTS and LETTERS TO THE BOARD encouraging ALTERNATIVES TO MASK MANDATES. My gosh, the pearl clutching by the SPS Board must have been intense!

Ms. Lockwood, a U-High Grad and Registered Dietician is on record claiming the "angry, unmasked people STORMED the dais, threw papers at us, apparently 'serving' us with legal papers while swearing at us, including our new student advisor.

This account has been denied by people who were in attendance and those people also disclosed Ms. Lockwood's account left out testimony from the student advisor who notified the Board of undeterred violence at Lewis and Clark High School. Are you going to address this Mr. Wise and Ms. Lockwood?

I encourage you to email Board President Michael Wiser and Ms. Lockwood and let them know what you think.

Download the full article from today's Spokesman-Review below.

SPS Board Meeting_20220210
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