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CDC Streamlines COVID-19 Guidance to HELP the Public Better Protect Themselves...

Translation: CDC Press Release Full of Things We Already Knew (and They Always Knew) as They Pivot in an Attempt to Cover Their A$$.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new guidance on COVID-19 Thursday, implicitly acknowledging the effectiveness of natural immunity, and hinting at future easing of COVID “travel” rules (LifeSiteNews)

Changes in "guidance" include:

  • "Exposed individuals who do not have symptoms do not need to isolate." How many businesses were forced to close, lost workdays and forced absense from school resulted from their testing and isolation policy?

  • "CDC acknowledged people with natural immunity (MEANING those of us who were infected and survived), are not at significant risk" How long have they known this? Many of us have known it all along as it is COMMON SENSE! No coincidence Jay Inslee amended HIS REQUIREMENT that all state employees be fully vaccinated and boosted withdrawing the boosted requirement. Why not the vaccination requirement Jay?

  • "COVID is likely here to stay LIKE THE FLU." Now that millions are terrified and conditioned as was the plan, this revelation comes out. These people are evil!

  • "The new 'rules' now treat those who are not up to date on COVID-19 vaccines the same as those who are up to date on COVID-19 vaccines." Since state and local public health "rules" followed CDC guidance, shouldn't they now all be rescinded and since they were not necessary in the first place, shouldn't the government and businesses that followed these rules like lemmings walking off the cliff be liable for the harm caused by their extremely poor judgement, decisions, and lying to us?

  • CDC no longer recommends "screening testing of asymptomatic people without known exposures." All you healthy people that stuck that swab in your nose on command, it wasn't necessary. Go back and through public records requests, ask the state and local agencies that did this to you how much money they got from the Federal Government for each test.

    • Some universities required required students get tested once or more times each week. Why? Did they do it for the money? Of course they did.

  • CDC now recommends "instead of quarantining (individual decision now) if you are exposed wear a high quality mask for 10 days and get tested on day 5." Then immediately in the same paragraph acknowledges "Studies have called into question the effectiveness of masks" and links to a study that CONCLUDES "there is no correlation between mask mandates and slowing the spread of the coronavirus." This study is not yet peer reviewed but if the CDC is adding this disclaimer to their new mask guidance, they know it is valid, accurate and true. Now the question, why are people still wearing the mask and even worse, why are they strapping them on their young kids? THEY DO NOTHING TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OR INFECTION! Follow the science.

  • SIX FEET SOCIAL DISTANCING HAS BEEN THROWN OUT! Dr. Deborah Birx (pictured with Adolf Fauci below) admits in her recently released book and in a nationally televised interview that she made the whole thing up along with "15 days to stop the spread." Think of the damage these two lies caused? She must be held to account both civilly and criminally. All those six feet stickers and painted spots on floors and the ground must be removed immediately and Schools must be required to tell kids it was all a lie and they don't have to avoid social contact with each other anymore or EVER AGAIN!

Never forget these people and the damage their lies have done to all Americans including those who lost their lives (particularly those who took their own lives), their careers, their livelihood, were isolated from family members, were not able to see elderly family members who were in assisted living, had elderly family members who died alone in assisted living or hospitals, have family members who will no longer speak to them because of the COVID hoax, children who missed school now unnecessarily resulting in unrecoverable learning loss and developmental damage (brain function, speech, social skills), the people who were singled out and ostracized in the workplace for resisting the mandatory JAB, the current economic disaster and the catalyst to steal elections at all levels.

Here's a few more faces that you must never forget, forgive or believe anything they say related to COVID or anything else. They have no credibility and have broken the public trust!

Write you Federal, State and Local representatives and demand any and all COVID restrictions be lifted immediately, the emergency powers government at all levels has abused cease immediately, and the lives of those destroyed by their lies be restored immediately.


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