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Wise v Inslee Federal Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit + Federal Mandate News

Grant Wolf, lead attorney for the plaintiffs of Wise et al. v Inslee et al. briefed healthcare workers impacted by Governor Jay Inslee's Proclamation 21-14.2 that "prohibited any person from working in the fields of healthcare, education, and state employment if that person has not been vaccinated" last night. In summary, Grant spoke of the legal team's engagement with a broad range of attorneys; local, regional and national, who have similar cases and are working together strategically and tactically in preparation for the next scheduled hearing November 29 and beyond.

Grant addressed several questions related to the Federal Vaccine Mandate and related court cases, explaining the differences between Inslee's Proclamation and Biden's Federal mandates and the impact of the cases filed by 27 state's Attorneys General including the temporary injunction imposed by the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in the case filed by AGs from Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina and Utah, next steps for that case and his expectation regarding the path to the US Supreme Court where the issue will likely be settled.

Back to Wise v Inslee, Grant expects the State will likely interview and possibly depose plaintiffs named in that action, those plaintiffs will require legal representation, and we need resources to both protect the plaintiffs and advance this critical legal action that will ultimately impact all of us. The Wolf Legal Team is frantically working 7 days a week to stop this forced medical procedure and violation of our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms. Plaintiff requests continue to pour in every day and we need your help.

If you would like to support this critical fight for medical freedom, please visit 100% of your contribution will be used to support this legal action.


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