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Coming to a Blue State Near You...The Sun - ‘It's beginning to look a lock like Christmas’

Stand by everybody, this is coming our way. Europe is the telltale, the proving ground for their schemes. All the advance signals are in place and the Doctors of Doom are unleashing the fear porn using the same playbook from two years ago to shut us down.

Check out this accompanying headline in the UK Daily Mail.

Is the UK heading for a New Year lockdown? Now Professor Neil Ferguson says there could be 5,000 Omicron deaths a DAY this winter unless tighter restrictions return 'in a week or two' to curb wave in gloomy SAGE modelling [click here to view] This is the same Neil Ferguson from Imperial College of London who's work is funded by NIH and Bill Gates that put out the bogus models back in March 2020 forecasting 2.1 MILLION DEATHS in the United States that led to Dr. Birx' biggest lie in U.S. history "15 days to flatten the curve" and the resulting lockdown. Ferguson's now discredited data model, which assumed no mitigation measures, was echoed by the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics Evaluation (IHME), another heavily Gates funded organization and it appears the two may be at it again. What are these people up to now? Let's connect some dots.

Follow the Money: Bill Gates with Major Shares in Pfizer & BioNTech Funds UK MHRA, Chair JVCI, the Agencies Advising Govt. on Vaccines… Kids to be Jabbed Despite High Risk-Benefit Ratio. [News + Rescue click here to read]

  • Bill Gates has shares in 8 major vaccine producing big pharma companies

  • Gates bought $55 million – to reach 10 million – shares in BIONTECH, September 2019, right before 3 Wuhan scientists were believed to have gotten infected with Covid that November

  • Gates directly finances UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) as FOIA documents affirm

  • Gates funds chair of second organization, JCVI, Professor Andrew Pollard, also of Oxford Vaccine Group and funds his Oxford University

More dots...Today's Spokesman Review. First thoughts when you read 'explosively fast' below. What number pops into your head?

New omicron cases confirmed in Washington state, indicating ‘explosively fast’ spread, health officials say [click here to read]

Here's the answer, wait for it... 10 cases statewide 'including six in King County.'

Here's a great pull quote from this propaganda piece 'While the three residents reported recent travel within the United States, none have traveled internationally, meaning omicron is circulating locally, Duchin (King County Health Officer) said. All three were fully vaccinated, and one had received a booster dose.' Is anything these people report even believable anymore? That headline is constructed to scare you and since we are a society of sound bytes, most people only read the headline. Well done Spokesman Review.

Has anybody asked these questions? "If omicron was just recently discovered, how did it get here so fast and how were our public health overlords able to develop a test to detect this new variant so fast?

This is all a scam and the next shot coming our way is more EXTREME mitigation measures by Obergruppenführer Inslee at Sleepy Joe's behest followed by a $2 Trillion stimulus to spend our way to safety and prosperity. Think milk, bread, and gas are expensive now? wait until this time next year. Everything will double again.

**Time for each of us to STAND FOR FREEDOM and stop this insanity**

Each of us has a duty to engage peacefully take our freedom back. Ask yourself if masks worked, why aren't they working? If the vaccine works, why isn't it working?

Remember, We the People don't need their permission, they need our Consent and we haven't given it. Act Now!

Citizens4Liberty is a grass roots 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your generous donations enable our legal defense team to continue fighting to preserve our freedom. If you would like to donate please click on this link


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