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Spokesman Review Check The Facts Before You Run The Article

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

This story authored by Edmund O Schweitzer III Ph.D., owner of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories ran in the Sunday’s September 19 Guest Opinion section page E2.

Overall this is a good article but I take issue with this statement by Mr. Schweitzer “I am a long supporter of vaccines. At SEL, we’re a science and technology company. We believe in science and know that vaccines work: 99% of coronavirus fatalities in the United States now occur in the unvaccinated population.” *King County WA is included in this study.

From the CDC’s September 10, 2021 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) During April 4–July 17, a total of 569,142 (92%) COVID-19 cases, 34,972 (92%) hospitalizations, and 6,132 (91%) COVID-19–associated deaths were reported among persons not fully vaccinated, and 46,312 (8%) cases, 2,976 (8%) hospitalizations, and 616 (9%) deaths were reported among fully vaccinated persons in the 13 jurisdictions (Table). The weekly prevalence of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant increased from <1% to 90% during April 4–July 17. Full vaccination coverage increased from 19% to 54%; in the final week, coverage ranged by age group from 45% (in persons aged 18–49 years) to 73% (≥65 years).

My analysis: Prior to widespread breakthrough delta variant infections during the time cited in the above paragraph, 9% of total deaths were tagged to vaccinated people. CDC stopped actively tracking vaccinated people May 1, 2021 (see ProPublica article) which undoubtedly impacts and possibly biases current data. We also know vaccine effectiveness was found to decrease over time and the loss of effectiveness is more severe in the elderly population that are the highest risk population. Given this, it is unlikely the death rate for the vaccinated decreased from 9% in August to 1% in September as Mr. Schweitzer cites in his article.

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