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The Law of Unintended Consequences occurs when an impulsive, emotional decision is made that unintentionally creates more problems than it solves. More often than not, "the most noticeable and notorious examples are at the state and government level." (Mark Manson, Life Advise That Doesn't Suck).

Today's article by Jim Allen appearing on the front page of the Spokesman Review takes us through a seemingly endless stream of "whoa is me shockers" facing local public school systems which we now have come to know are managed by weak and/or corrupt and/or stupid people.

Let's examine a few pull quotes:

"'Substitutes needed!' screams the home page of the Spokane Public Schools website. The website goes on to explain the relatively easy steps provided you have at least a bachelor’s degree of any kind – to become an emergency substitute teacher and earn at least $150 per day."

Wow, $150 a day, which is up from a whopping $132 a day, before there was an emergency. Based on an 8-hour day that's $18.25 per hour. Why would any unemployed college graduate pass that up? Guess what school districts? It's not worth barely above minimum wage to deal with all the COVID BS you support and enforce and since you only allow vaccinated subs, you limit the supply. Try $500 a day and see if that increases supply, if not ratchet up to $750 then $1,000 and see if that works. There is a price point that works, you just need to find it. If you taught capitalism and free market economics you might know this. I know, gender confusion and race baiting are the priority (silly me).

"At the Mead School District, according to Public Information Officer Todd Zeidler, 'we’ve had to utilize other certificated staff, including principals and other district personnel to cover classrooms.'”

This is a good thing! School boards and district administrations created this mess by not pushing back COLLECTIVELY on OSPI and the state. By their own actions they either opted for the money, are in favor of all the mandates, or both so suck it up and sleep in the bed you made! Take those precious ESSER and LAP funds you are allowing to expire into your general fund coffers and PAY THE SUBS the market price.

"The substitute shortage is caused by high demand and low supply. Teachers are out more frequently than usual because they’ve been exposed to or contracted COVID-19 and must quarantine, or because their own children have to quarantine."

And...tenured teachers with years of sick time built up are using those days to get a break from the unnecessary pain and suffering caused by the extreme COVID rules and mandates. I bet some are even saying they've been exposed to get a few weeks away from the Mao style re-education camp. For those genius school board directors and superintendents how bout you try this for one month?

1) Mask Choice and Vax Choice. Tell all the Karen's to shut up and mind their own business. If they don't like it, put them on unpaid LOA.

2) Stop the ridiculous testing requirements especially for student athletes. Tell people to stay home if they feel sick and come back when they feel better. Isn't this what we used to do prior to Fauci and the Pretorian Media ruining our lives?

3) Tell Inslee and Reykdal enough is enough and force them to shut you down if they don't like it. If this happens, We the People will stand behind those of you who make the tough decision.

If you are like me, I'm over the school boards and district administrators blaming everyone and everything, except for themselves of course, for this mess. The supply shortage caused by "numerous COVID related factors" is self-induced and immediately correctable. In fact, it appears every causal factor described in this article is deliberate, according to plan, and district leaders are either in on it or useful idiots and executing it. Either way, we lose until we fix it ourselves. Thursday December 16 is a great day to start. Lets STAND FOR FREEDOM and take our lives, our liberty and our schools back!

To read the entire article by Jim Allen click on this link: SUBSTITUTE SHORTAGE


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