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Arm yourself with the truth and be ready for the next conversation with the stupid beta class that continue to believe, trust, avoid the obvious and double down on insane.

Pull quote from Mariya Frost's blog posted on the Washington Policy Center website January 4, 2022

Governor Inslee’s proclamations have largely reflected CDC guidelines so it will be interesting to see if he changes the current state rules to match the latest guidelines. If the Governor relaxes the current mandate to align with the CDC, officials will have to deal with the reality of allowing vaccinated, infected employees back at work, after having fired unvaccinated, uninfected employees.

Inslee logic - our way out of this pandemic is to allow infected vaccinated people to continue working and fire uninfected unvaccinated people. If you listened to his presser yesterday, you have to conclude he either believes this and is completely insane, it's allegiance to the national narrative, or payback for all the pharmaceutical cash that has been sprinkled all over the political class.

Inslee received $4,000 from Pfizer during the 2020 election cycle and according to PDC records, an additional $400 prior to that. This is a rounding error compared to CMR and Patty Murray. Look at the 2021-2022 cycle for CMR. Is there a big pharma corporation that hasn't contributed to her? Could it have anything to do with the high probability she will be Chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee next year?

We expect this from Ms. Murray, are you surprised to find out CMR is no different?

Ever wonder why these to career pols never criticize harmful stupid state or federal policy? Take the Red Pill, you already know the truth.

I encourage you to visit Pharma Cash to Congress where you can look up your favorite congressperson and find gems like this.

The False Comparison Argument from CDC: There is no stopping condition (Steve Kirsch)

(My comments are in bold italic text inline below with Steve's article)

Some people, including many doctors, believe that as long as the death rate from the vaccine is less than the death rate from COVID that we shouldn’t stop the vaccine since it produces a net savings in lives.

This is totally false. It is not the # killed by the virus that matters. It is the estimated # of lives saved by the vaccine.

Net lives saved = (# saved by the vax) - (# killed by the vax)

Let’s look at that. The Pfizer Phase 3 trial proved they could save 1 COVID life for every 22,000 vaccinated.

So with 220M fully vaccinated, we’ll save 10,000 lives according to Pfizer’s own study. There is no better data than this. This is the gold-standard, double-blind randomized trial result. Nobody can argue with it.

So we’ve killed over 150,000 people to maybe save 10,000 lives.

Any rational person would stop the vaccines immediately.

But this isn’t about science or rational thinking. This is about a belief. The belief is that the only thing that matters is saving people from COVID, no matter how many people we have to kill to do it.

We've all heard "cure can't be worse than the disease" but it clearly is. So now using corrupt government logic the next step is to require and inoculate 25 million healthy children who have a 99.9994 recovery rate?

COVID vaccines have killed at over 150,000 Americans, including children, and injured countless others. The Pfizer 6-month trial showed the vaccine is capable of saving 1 life for every 22,000 vaccinated, it killed more people than it saved (there were 20 deaths in the control group vs 14 in placebo after unbinding) and by the numbers it kills 15 people for every 1 it saves.

Using this data here's what we can expect to happen when they require the jab for the kids. 45 lives saved for every 1,000,000 vaccinated kids vs 675 potential deaths per 1,000,000 vaccinated kids. Government logic will always chose death.
When does it end? What's the acceptable metric, measure or condition? Answer - they never want it to end because right now they are in total control and we tolerate it. Is the mandatory vaccine for the kids your tipping point? Your Red Pill?


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