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Irony and Hypocrisy - COVID and SCOTUS from the Marxist's Mind in today's Spokesman-Review

I might be crazy but isn't it ironic that the same publication that has been distributing daily fear porn and shaming us all into getting the vax "or else" (lose your job, lose your kids, lose your life) prints today's COVID propaganda right above the SCOTUS Roe Marxist insurrection photo of the thugs sent to intimidate the Justices who side with the majority opinion (and people) with the picture of a person holding the sign that says "BANS OFF OUR BODIES?" Wait a minute, are we back to "my body my choice?" If that's the case shouldn't everybody that was fired, furloughed, retired or forced to resign get compensated for the damage caused by the never ending hypocrisy of the Left?

While this treasonous leak (only the 2nd of its kind in the history of the Supreme Court, the other being the leaked retirement announcement of Justice Breyer that led to a pedophile pornographer sympathizer ascending to the Court) is hailed as heroism by Fake News and a rallying cry for the Antifa Mob to start burning cities ahead of an election (again), we've been there done that and I believe it will backfire big time come November.

Let's all take a moment, get on our knees and thank the Lord this day has finally arrived. The murder of innocent life looks like it has been dealt a severe blow. Let's finish the job and get rid of it forever.


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