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The Spiritual Battle Continues, We Have Unfinished Business and Ask for Your Help

Thousands of our friends and their families had careers, livelihoods, and security unlawfully destroyed and Constitutional and Civil Liberties violated by the State via the tyrannical vaccine mandate and denial of Religious Exemptions with Reasonable Accommodations.

We now find ourselves, I believe due to political calculation, in a period of pause in the intensity of the daily media propaganda campaign regarding the "safe and effective" and "pandemic of the unvaccinated" mantra but rest assured, they will go back to it eventually.

Nothing has really changed. the Governor has not relinquished his emergency powers and the complicit State legislature did nothing to limit those powers. The Vaccine Mandates remain in effect and with a stroke of the Governor's pen, the masks will be back on our faces and coercive pressure to get "fully vaccinated and boosted" will return.

Our Federal Lawsuit to combat this tyranny is alive, we will be back in court the week after next, WE MUST WIN, and we need your help. To put what's at stake in context, consider this. The lawsuit will seek restoration and compensation for those harmed but more importantly, when we prevail, it reinforces our First Amendment Freedom of Religion rights and going forward the State will be obligated to allow reasonable accommodation when exemptions for closely held Religious beliefs are requested. This affects all of us, not just those named in the lawsuit.

We had a temporary victory this week when the State Board of Health voted unanimously to NOT require the vaccination as a condition for enrollment and attendance in Washington State Public Schools. This is significant because big pharma needs the vaccine to be on the "required list" to remove civil liability from vaccine injury per the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

Comments from some voting members are summarized as "I still BELIEVE the vaccines are safe and effective, but I'm not sure about the LONG TERM safety and efficacy." Public pressure from thousands of us prevented this requirement for now but they will revisit it once it is politically advantageous again. Remember, the State didn't intend to allow any exceptions for this vaccine requirement so a victory in our lawsuit may also end up covering the kids.

We expect the path will take us from the Eastern District Federal Court to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and possibly back to the Eastern District for a final decision. Depending on the path to a decision, there may also be an opportunity for discovery where we depose state and local officials under oath and get to the truth as to what factors really drove their motives and decisions - Science or Political Control and Power?

In order to sustain this challenge we desperately need your help and ask, if you are able, to consider a supporting us with a tax deductible donation.

Happy Easter, thank you and God Bless!


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