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The Storm is Here - Register and Attend this Important Free Webinar Today 4pm PDT

File Criminal Charges Against School Officials

Webinar Summary:

Attorney James Ostrowski will be our guest of honor. Mr. Ostrowski answers detailed questions, and he shares a free legal examples, to save parents money and help them file criminal charges against school officials over mask and vaccine mandate policies.

  • Overview of legal efforts against school board supervisors in New York State.

  • Discussion of legal strategies that can be used by parents everywhere.

  • Overview of the free Complaint Template that parents everywhere can use.

Mr. Ostrowski is joined by Dr. Naomi Wolf, CEO of and Craig Klein, CRO.

James Ostrowski Background

Mr. Ostrowski is leading parents in New York State in filing suit against school districts and school administrators regarding masking of children. Mr. Ostrowski has also filed suit against New York Governor Hochul and members of the New York State Board of Health. Mr. Ostrowski will share a template that can be used by parents across the U.S. to file similar suits in their local areas.

Mr. Ostrowski is a trial and appellate lawyer from Buffalo, New York. He’s a graduate of Brooklyn Law School in 1983. He has written a number of scholarly articles on the law on subjects ranging from drug policy to the commerce clause of the Constitution. His articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Buffalo News, Cleveland Plain Dealer and Legislative Gazette. His policy studies have been published by the Hoover Institution, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and the Cato Institute.

If thousands of law suits are launched, our kids will be much safer!


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