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What You Know and What They Want You to Know. The Real Danger is hidden "Below the Waterline"

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The iceberg model illustrates the visible problems we see pale in comparison to the peril we can't or don't see.

The danger we see, think we know, or understand is what they want us to see. The exposed iceberg is the media narrative, the propaganda repeated in the echo chamber. Propaganda designed to drive your behavior. If you only get your information from mainstream or cable news, what you know is limited to what's above the waterline. There is so much more out there that you probably never hear or see.

Expand your knowledge, expose your mind to alternative sources, change your perception, don't settle for "what or how," understand "why," make better decisions, and take back control. It's that simple.

Below are links to some of these stories that have recently appeared on Steve Bannon's Warroom (, and Seth Holehouse's Man in America to lead you to the "why." A sample of "What You Really Should Know."

Bannon's War Room

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Dad Speaks Out

Host Steve Bannon talks to Jared Schmeck, the Oregon dad who called the NORAD “track Santa” line on Christmas Eve and wound up talking to Joe Biden. As the opening clip shows, Schmeck politely gave the president a piece of his mind by urging, “Let’s go Brandon.” Biden, who apparently doesn’t know the slogan is a euphemism for “F—- Joe Biden,” said in response: “Let’s go Brandon, I agree!” Schmeck walks Bannon through the spontaneous event and the aftermath.

Draconian Mandates Destroying People’s Lives By Design

Author Naomi Wolf takes on Scientism High Priest Anthony Fauci in her interview with Steve Bannon and proposes a theory that Fauci and others are intentionally using covid to destroy the country.

“The communists when they took power in Russia drove the capitalist economy intentionally into the ground. … This is not a conspiracy. This is being informed by history. We can’t understand what is happening right now unless we understand that the country is being subverted, being targeted. … What would I do if I was trying to emasculate the United States as a superpower. You would print money till there’s a collapse… It’s common knowledge in psychological coercion of prisoners that if you disorient them and change rules all the time and isolate them and bombard them with threats, they’ll give up…. We are being targeted by a kind of psychological warfare.

Jab Mixing Is Killing People

Raheem Kassam talks about some prominent deaths that have occurred recently to a variety of people shortly after they received their Covid booster shots. One of the victims was a New York Times editor, who got the Moderna booster after getting the J&J shot originally. Several others are young soccer players who died of heart attacks during or after games. “Nothing to see here… Move along!”

Fauci And Collins Lied To Americans For Money And Power

Dr. Stephen Hatfill, who was on the original episode of “War Room: Pandemic,” returns to the show today to talk about state of the the post-Omicron pandemic.

If the Great Barrington Declaration had been put into effect in March 2020, “the death rates would haver been tremendously lower… and this is what Fauci and the singing cowboy Collins … worked actively to negate, intentionally to negate in the favor of these vaccines. If the vaccines work so well, why are we still in the same jam we were in 18 months ago. Why? It’s because they don’t work.”


Man in America - Seth Holehouse

Cutting edge topics can be found on Seth's "Man in America" Rumble and on Rise.TV. Here is a list from his Rumble site.

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